M-Series Rod Bearings - Chrysler Big Block

M-Series Rod Bearings - Chrysler Big Block
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Product Description

Rod Bearing, M Series, Standard Size, B-2, Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, 350-440 Big Block

Clevite's M-Series rod bearings are special-purpose items. They have a nominal 0.006 in. thick babbit layer on hardened-steel backings and are intended for engines that have severe crankshaft deflections. They have enlarged chamfers, as well as dowel holes in the lower halves to accommodate the dowels used on aluminum rods. For some applications, both the oil holes and the oil grooves are enlarged.

Bearing Usage:Direct replacement

Bearing Material:Micro babbit lining, B-2

Dowel Pin Hole:No

Chamfered Bearing:No

Grooved Bearing:No